Fore-Thought, LLC

We are a software consultancy specializing in the development and implementation of supply chain management and MRP systems, particularly to the small to mid-sized automotive manufacturer or distributor. With over 15 years’ experience, we bring the expertise to solve a wide range of challenges, while we keep our focus by working exclusively in a market we know well.
Due to our narrow industry focus, our intimate knowledge of automotive EDI goes beyond what any of the large ERP practices can realistically hope to provide. Our customers exchange EDI data with hundreds of OEMs and tier-1 suppliers, including the domestic car companies, European and Asian imports, and the heavy truck and equipment industries.
We also work almost exclusively with repetitive manufacturers and/or distributors, so we have a thorough mastery of the challenges and solutions surrounding production control, inventory management, quality control, labor and machine efficiency, and material usage and price variance.
Finally, we occupy a unique niche, focusing on smaller companies while providing solutions that would be the envy of many much larger companies. This allows us to keep true to our core principals, which are providing superior value with the utmost integrity.